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Sunday, September 24, 2006

BollyBooing with BollyBitch

The first time I ever chanced upon BollyBitch's blog, BooBollywood, was thanks to Jhaji, and his amazing Blogywood. To say that I have been hooked ever since, would be an understatement. BollyBitch takes blogging to Bitching Heights with an amazing ease and that should undoubtedly turn quite a few Bollycrazyheads.

In an 'endeavour to lift the veil of hype off the stars', she indulges in a 'fun take on the masala, action, heroes and heroines of Hindi cinema'. And spices it up all, with the most masaledaar pics as accompaniments. She makes mincemeat of the 'fakes' as she calls them, armed with her Pest Spray, and do not be surprised if you fall off your chair guffawing in the process.

All set for Booing Bollywood??

BollyBitch is here with a BANG!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rajpal Yadav Is Funny as .....

I couldn't find a word to finish that title. I recently got to watch Chup Chup Ke, and boy was it fun to watch. I specially loved Rajpal Yadav's character. Since getting the DVD, I have watched his scenes more than 10 times and I loved it everytime.

The first time I noticed him in a comedy role was in Hangama. I specially loved the scene where Rajpal was booking a room in a hotel, my brother was the one who was watching that scene again and again that made me notice it. Since then I have been so eagerly watching his movies, well not all but I guess most of them.

I wanted to put together all the parts of Chup Chup Ke with Rajpal in them and upload them on but someone had already uploaded the whole movie. Here are two clips that I think are the funniest of all. If you want to watch the rest of the clips from this movie, click here.

Rajpal has another movie on the way where he plays the lead role. I love the name 'Kujli' with the tagline 'Sab Ko Hai'. Hope to see him in his best form.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Babasko aur Bollywood!

My apologies - this post has been a long time coming. Unfortunately I can't keep track of anything I do, whereas Babasko is able to juggle not only her obsession with Bollywood, but also several almost-as-important real-life issues like jobs and nephews!

In her blog Baba Aur Bollywood (which, loosely translated, I believe means "Baba and Bollywood"), Babasko reviews new releases, revisits old favorites, and always includes the daily recommended dose of eye candy, usually in the form of movie stills or fake-pretend movie extramarital affairs (KANK, anyone?).

Drop by Babasko's blog for fantastic fun, pic-heavy posts, and a diverse selection of film reviews hard to find anywhere else in the blogosphere!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Is Bollyblogging For You?

Most of us, if not all, have some pictures or ideas of our ideal lifestyles in our heads. The lifestyle where we are happy and there is everything that we want to have in our lives - e.g. family, friends, kids, fancy cars, a nice house - or we are doing what want to do - playing sports, writing, performing, singing, teaching - or whatever else that you want is part of that ideal lifestyle. Hopefully, that is what we all are working hard to achieve. By now, you might be thinking what does it all have to do with Bollyblogging, right?

After being part of the blogosphere, specially bollyblogs, for quite some months now, I have a pretty good idea of how time consuming it can be. After spending hours and hours of my time reading and writing blogs, it finally occured to me that the type of blogs I'm involved in aren't helping me go toward my ideal lifestyle. I am personally very interested in fitness, surfing and everything else that's done on the beach.

Blogs can be very inspiring if used properly. For instance, if you are into fitness and working out, by writing your goals and ways/steps of achieving them on a blog and then publishing them for the world to read is making a commitment in itelf. Everytime you read that post, your determination and commitment toward that goal strenghthens. It is also helped by people leaving comments, specially positive ones, encouraging and appreciating your decision. This is just an example. Your goal could be having fun, and taking life easy. And bollyblogging fits that description quite well. I'm in no way saying blogging about Bollywood and movies is not valueable and worthy of your time. It definitely is. Through my blog Download Hindi Songs and this blog I have come across some unforgetably beautiful music that I can't help but appreciate and enjoy. And I have made quite a few good friends, and that is very valueable for me. But it is also true that it has led to getting too involved with movies and celebrities. So I need to find a balance between my blogging time and the rest of my life. Here in Australia, summer is coming up and I'm definitely going to be spending more time outside the house. But I will also dedicate some time to my blogs.

With all that said, let me ask you: is bollyblogging for you? Is it taking you where you want to go?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Maja Mazaa!

Bollywood is Good for you! So declares Maja on her homepage that has the popular Mumbai based Hindi language film industry in India written all over it. Its an immense pleasure welcoming Maja aboard!

Her interests span variegated realms as Movies, Music, Books, Podcasts, Photography and Travelling. An impressive link roll that she sports on her blog, speaks it all!! She's a self-confessed Abhishek Bachan admirer, and writes about films with a passion that is at once simple, eloquent and elegant. She's quite a voluminous writer too, and you are quite likely to find a new post on her awesome blog almost every day. Unless ofcourse she's travelling.

Do check out her Black, 3 Deewarein, Dhoom, Salaam Namaste, KANK, Do Aur Do Paanch reviews and tons more for, hold your breath, the single month of August!!! So now you get the pretty picture, I guess!!

Folks, time to get hit by the Maja Magic!
Mauj Masti Aur Naach Gaana, Bollystyle; Maja ke Saath!

Lights, Camera, Action! with Sanjay Jha

Here at the BBN, we are honored to have a new member among us. We present to you Sanjay Jha, Bollywood filmmaker as well as Bollywood blogger.

Glancing at his IMDb page, it appears that Sanjay is experienced both in front of and behind the camera. For example, he not only acted in the great action flick Mission Kashmir, he also was the assistant director. His directorial debut Praan Jaye Par Shaan Na Jaye, in fact, is the basis for Bollywoodblogger's Bloggers Meet Director", an exciting cross-continental look at Bollywood film! Sanjay also has another film in the works, Strings - Bound by Faith.

In addition to filmmaking, Sanjay also hosts several blogs: Praan Jaye Par Shaan Na Jaye, Strings - Bound by Faith, and the ultra-cool Blogywood, a compendium of Bollywood-related blogs!

And so, a big round of applause for our newest member, Sanjay Jha!