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Friday, July 28, 2006

About BBNetwork

Since I started my blog, Download Hindi Songs, I have been regularly searching for and reading other interesting blogs. At times, I go through tens of blogs until I find one that I want to spend more time reading its posts. It takes a lot of time to find blogs that interest you, and blogs that have the right content. At times, it can be quite frustrating to find those special ones, and why shouldn't it be; thousands of blogs are created EVERYDAY, and not all of those thousands are good ones.

Wy BBNetwork?
Considering the hassle of finding good blogs, BBNework brings all the great blogs related to Bollywood from the different the free blogging service providers, e.g., WordPress and to one place. Once we get enough members and enough blogs in our network, you won't have to spend hours searching for Bollywood related blogs with good content. You can instead spend that time to read what interests you most.

BBNetwork will give readers ease of access to their favorite blogs, which is also a benefit for our bloggers as they will be easily accessed. It is a win-win situation!!

Topics BBNework bloggers will cover
As I said before, anything Bollywood related. We will cover all sorts of topics, from celebrity news and gossip to movie and music information and reviews, plus our own thoughts and prerspective on certain issues. There are numerous topics, so there always will be something that interests you.

You can also be part of the Team
Update: BBNetwork has been an inactive group for a while now, and we do not accept new members at the moment (15/05/2009).

We would love to have you on board. If you have a bollywood related blog and you regularly update it, you can suggest your blog by emailing us at bollywoodblogsnetwork[at]gmail[dot]com.


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Blogger Bollywoodista said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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