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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Farhan Akhtar's Don

Dear Exinator,

I did check out your blog Muvie Geek and found it very interesting. Your choice of favourite films (on your profile) is absolutely hilarious! You have a great sense of humour!

I also checked out the posts on your blogs and found it quite entertaining especially your take on Farhan Akhtar’s Don. You and I had pretty similar reasons for watching Farhan Akhtar’s Don. I watched it not for Shahrukh Khan but for Farhan Akhtar as well because I have tremendous respect for him as a film-maker. Like you, I also tried not to compare the earlier Don with the new one because it’s unfair. However, comparison was inevitable. Though I feel that Farhan Akhtar has managed to hold on to his own knowing fully well that critics would be waiting to bay for his blood upon the release of his remake of this 1978 classic! However, I think that inspite of keeping the basic premise same, he has beautifully adapted his version of Don to suit the present generations’ sensibilities.

I have written about Farhan Akhtar’s Don twice. Once prior to watching it and once after watching. I would love it if you could check out my posts on Farhan Akhtar’s Don and let me know of what you think. After reading your posts, I got a sense that both of us had different views on Farhan Akhtar’s Don.

Anyways, happy Bollywood Blogging to everybody and have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Movie Geek's in da house!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our newest member here at BBNetwork, The Exinator! The man doesn't call himself a Muvie Geek just because he watches movies and writes about them, but movies are his field of study and he plans to be a film maker and/or actor in the future. He is also into stand up comedy which means that his blogs are very fun to read. His blog Muvie Geek is all about the good the bad and the ugly of the Hindi film industry (as Big B prefers to call it).

He is also a regular contributor at sXcentral, a very fun blog to visit. Well Exinator, welcome to BBN and we wish all the best with your acting/film-making career. I know it is shameful to write such a short post after delaying for so long. That makes me wonder why I always failed English, history and geography classes...hmmmm!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Pappupager Get Trivial with Bollywood Trivia

Once we spot an actor or a movie that we really enjoy watching, we want to know more about them. We want to know about the life of the actor, we want to know more than we just see on the screen. That is where Bollywood Trivia comes in with all the facts and trivia about Bollywood. Pappupager reveals the most interesting little facts behind all the glamor of Bollywood that we normally don't get to know. It's not gossip and rumors , but little-known truths that Pappu writes about.

Pappupager, I owe you an apology for taking so long to write this post. I am so sorry buddy. I just hope that you are not mad at me, even though you have every right to be. I know this is not the best welcome post for you, but I guess something is better than nothing.